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Your Next 6 Months

It's June 2020. Half of the year has went by and the purpose of this article is where will you be in the next 6 months. People often love to gather to talk about having vision meeting, goal setting and all types of ideas in pursuit of a dream. These are all great to do and I have done and would recommend any of the concepts listed however there is a important element to every vision of purpose. You must implement!

The main reason often times, I've had clients to fail or quit is because they didn't think they were getting the results fast enough. They didn't want to put in 100% on their eating plan for more than 2 weeks and felt as if their body should drop 20lbs "in that timeframe". It simply doesn't work like that. The same time it too to put the weight on, can be taken off faster, but you have to align your mind to stick with the plan, trust your process and be honest with yourself. Are you putting in the work? Are you eating consistently as recommended? Do you drink your water over daily as suggested?

Bouncing from one trainer to another is not the answer. The answer is in "you". When you find that person that lights a spark in you to do the work- Stick with that program. Go through and access your effort and your results will speak for themselves.

Check out some of my client transformations: One in under 60 days and the other within the last 6 months. They are changing their lives by sticking to the plan and accomplishing a goal not just that they talked about but are actively implementing. Are you ready to take your body back? Join us.

So I ask again, what will your next 6 months look like? Write your own script. I'll be happy to help you!

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