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Starting Over Again- The truth..

Many times we have a hard time with committing to a program. The reason is because often times we've never learned what does being consistent really looks like. When you define consistency most people can agree it is simply doing the same things you've always done and anything that comes to threaten that plan of action instantly creates fear, uncertainty, defensiveness and resentment.

Have you ever wondered why you never tell people close to you your desire you have to lose weight. Or maybe, you tell them but immediately, when they remind you as you are about to eat that cake or order those extra large fries you get extremely upset and question their motives towards you altogether. The reason is because we want change but without the accountability. When you desire change the main things we need from others we push away.

Why? because its not your normal routine. Your mind will tell you to stay the same when in your inner spirit you know this is just the mediocre you. It keeps pushing it in your mind, to do better because your inner self knows t

here is more you can do and achieve.

What do I suggest if you are struggling with this and don't beat yourself up we've all dealt with this at some point or another.

1. Make up your mind that you need accountability. We first have to recognize we need the help in order to receive it.

2. Make up your mind to listen to constructive criticism. Don't worry about being right. Focus on getting the results you want at all costs.

3. Commit to a time, you will push yourself to workout everyday. Our challenge is 21 days, make it a point to not deviate for the full 21 days on how you will command your body to perform.

4. Don't beat yourself up. If you miss the mark one day- start over and act as if each day is Brand New. After falling enough times, and trying again you will get to the goal that you want.

I hope these tips help. Fail your way Forward.


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