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Juneteenth- Fit Freedom

Today, we celebrate a major part of our ancestral history. The day we were actually recognized as being ”Free”...

I wanted to post about a common bondage that effects our fitness freedom & ways we can overcome it!

Emotional eating--It is normally triggered by some anger, anxiety, boredom or depression. Today, I wanted to share some practical tips, I researched that can with time help or alleviate it altogether.

At the end of the day everything will start and stop with you making a decision to end the cycle, change you mindset and Take your body back! However with God all things possible- You can do this!

1. Be Aware.

I love to journal various chronicles of my life, but identifying where something starts is critical. So I recommend journaling. Write down where and when you stress eat on a notepad or on your phone.

2. Find a replacement

Anytime a habit changes we have to put something in its place. Make a list of all of the non-calorie activities that give you a pick-me-up on a rough day.

3. Practice

It wont happen overnight, but the more you cautiously make an effort to stop repeating this habit of emotional eating, the easier it will be to control the urges. One day at a time.

Start your workout plan and commit to sticking to it- at all costs!



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