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How to get Washhoard Abs

So one of the biggest questions I get from everyone who journeys with me in fitness is how do I get those abs! Many are wanting those abs but refusing to do the work to get to them. After having two children varying From 6.4 lb to 8.4lbs I knew with each pregnancy how your once washboard abs become a overnight bulge. The only way I would feel confident each time was I had to make a choice. Turn down the fast foods, turn up the veggies, put away the sweets and get more natural sweetened fruits and finally put away the colored beverages and drink the best drink on earth “Water”...

If you want to have those abs- it starts in the kitchen. Commit to removing one item at a time until you realize you never really needed it anyway. During our off week I will be implementing a 100 ab a day challenge for my group. If you are reading this post, please feel free to join. The links will be on my YouTube page this week.

In addition, you have to focus on leaning out your body more. I’ve asked my clients to walk or run 2-5 miles each day coupled with this 100 a day Ab challenge.

The combination of cardio leaning & clean eating will get those abs to you in no time!

I hope this helps..


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