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TCize Program Materials 

TCize Program Guide.pdf


After joining the challenge, each participant will receive a email with a pdf. of the full 21 Day program guide.  This guide can be viewed on any compatible cellular device and from your computer.

It will outline each days workout, recommended equipment, sample meals, and all links to each videos along with low impact directionals. 

TCize Meal Plan.pdf


The most essential part of your 21 Day challenge is the meal plan.  This guide will help you to realize that there are healthy, quick eating options available to maximize your fitness goals. 

TCize Calendar.pdf


TCize 21 Day Calendar

Scheduling is one of the components you have to master when you begin your workout routine. No matter if you're new to working out or a fitness pro. Any time a cycle is changing or a new workout is being implemented you have to give it time to set in. Otherwise you will revert back to your normal workout routines if you don't plan to schedule for the new.  


Additional Program Features Include:

  • Private Group Access for Support & Accountability

  • Weekly Group Calls 

  • Bonus Exercise Tips, Suggestions and Motivating experiences

  • Followup via text , call with questions or concerns

  • Accountability feedback on progress & consistency

  • Positive group motivation, daily encouragement & influence.

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