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If that video didn't detail enough, read the following tips, watch a Sample Day 1 video and participate with me. 

I encourage clients to register early so you can gather any equipment you will need during your workouts and to mentally prepare themselves for the commitment.   Although these workouts can be completed with intensity without equipment, I encourage you to go the extra mile on your workouts.   I always tell everyone this is not a 21- day miracle, it's a lifestyle we are creating and this starts with your mindset.  


The workouts are under 30 minutes full body and are sent out daily.  The meal plan is separate and my suggestion is that everyone initially purchase the meal plan on their first round, and follow throughout your entirety.  During the challenge we eat from 12-8pm daily, unless there are medical concerns.   Each participant can perform the workout whenever you want daily, but I suggest early morning to ensure you have a block set for you without any outside interruptions. You have to schedule your workouts. 


Costs: The 21-day workout is only $29.99 and meal plan $24.99.  Fees can be paid via cashapp or Paypal. 




Program Overview 

  • Under 30 Min Workouts

  • All levels of fitness

  • Equipment Required:

  • Suggested in Before the Challenge guide. 

Program Materials 

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